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For light certificated, experimental, helicopter and glider aircraft, Becker pioneered products to meet the needs of every aviation enthusiasts with a complete line of light-weight and compact radios, transponders, nav receivers, converters and indicators that provide a modern, uniform look, with outstanding performance. Available in panel or remote mount variations.


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Business Aircraft


The first ever fully ETSO and TSO certified state-of-the-art Airborne Digital Audio Selector and Intercom designed as the next generation replacement for any legacy audio system. These products fully reflect Becker Avionics' proven know-how of more than four decades in audio system development for the aerospace industry.

Becker manufactures a full range of analog and state-of-the-art digital audio system components including MP3 message players, PA systems, cabin handsets and speaker amplifiers to compliment any aircraft audio system.

Digital Audio Systems

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Professional grade audio systems with a high transceiver/receiver count demands an audio system with unsurpassed reliability and capability. Designed for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft, the DVCS6100 audio system delivers crystal-clear voice communication quality, a proven Man-Machine-Interface (MMI) and outstanding flexibility through its fully configurable software platform. The remarkable scalability of this system is capable of handling any size project.

The Polycon voice-activated mobile intercom fully integrates the external operating crew to the aircraft intercom system and provides constant un-interrupted communication, enhancing situational awareness and crew safety via cordless mobility for unlimited mobile crew members.

Digital Audio Systems
Wireless Intercom

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Designed specifically for life saving operations, Becker provides the Polycon Wireless communications system, drastically improving situational awareness and operational accuracy through constant communication by all crew members, including any external crew members.

Associated SAR products available include a full featured line of homing devices, SAR direction finders and Personal Locator Beacons. Their rugged design features are ideally suited for operating in the harshest environments.

For more sophisticated aircraft and system applications, Becker offers radio, transponder, or marker beacon receiver designs with DZUS fastening or remote mount format.

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ATC Solutions

Becker Avionics has vast experience in ground-to-air communications. Becker's Integrated Communications Systems solutions deliver outstanding performance and reliability along with simplicity for the user. Our solutions are a combination of state-of-the-art technologies developed and integrated in cooperation with other manufacturers and system integrators.

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ADS-B surveillance and tracking solutions
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Custom Designs

Becker Avionics provides customized system designs and developments for civil and military applications. Becker Avionics will gladly accept request for proposals for special applications to satisfy individual customer needs.

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